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FBI Bloggers Wanted

I will be starting up the FBI Blogs again and I’m looking for a few good bloggers with at least one year of blogging experience.

There is some criteria for this as I’m setting this site for the benefit of everyone and it does nothing to help me and I make no profit off this…

In order to take as much administrative duties off myself, this site will become self administered by the bloggers themselves…

I will start Beta testing this system with some current FBI Bloggers soon so please contact me if you are interested in assisting with the BETA Testing.

Folks interested in having their blog on the FBI Blogs please drop a line to damontucker @ yahoo.com and I will check it out for awhile.

I’m looking for active bloggers, meaning folks who blog at least every other day about local issues or events.  I can only have so many blogs on this site run as a free site… so I am limited and will be very selective about the blogs I choose for this site.

One of the main requirements will also be a Twitter user so that they can retweet the FBI Blogs as it will automatically be tweeted to the world.

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